Welcome to Six Tree Removal

Tree Removal Calgary We are a small and lean local tree removal company with low overhead. We also prune, thin, and shape trees. Licensed, insured, and WCB-compliant, we strive to provide you with the best value in a tree and branch removal service.

We are professional, courteous, and detail-oriented, and we take pride in maintaining our safety record and excellent customer satisfaction history. Your 100% satisfaction is how we gain positive referrals and grow our business. When you hire us, YOUR tree is the ONLY tree we'll be thinking about. From simple felling-and-disposal jobs to delicate aerial removals hanging over your roof, Six Tree Removal has the experience to efficiently do the job, and the insurance to give you the peace of mind you should expect from professionals doing this kind of potentially very dangerous work.

Because we're a smaller operation with low overhead, we can afford to take on jobs smaller than most of our competitors, and we do larger jobs for less. As you can see from the sample photos, we take on all sizes of removal projects: From problem branches to towering monsters, our mission is to bring you the best possible value in a fully-insured tree removal service.

We offer free no-obligation quotes, and we are often able to get these to you the same day that you request them. References available. WE WANT TO SOLVE YOUR TREE PROBLEM TODAY.

We work in all weather (barring safety concerns) and all locations in and around Calgary (Airdrie, Red Deer, Cochrane, Bragg Creek, Okotoks, High River, Black Diamond, Turner Valley, Longview, Strathmore, etc.).

Tree and limb removal

Six Tree Removal is focused on bringing you the best value in a fully-insured tree removal operation. Because we choose to optimize our business around removals, we can lower our overhead costs and save you a significant sum on your removal project.

Stump removal

We use a variety of stump grinding machines, appropriate to the given job. From hydraulically-powered bruisers to hand-towed units (fitting through gates as small as 30″), we can solve your stump problem in short order.


We are happy to offer select tree pruning, thinning, and shaping services to our customers.

Other services

From bucking, splitting, and moving firewood, to custom wood cuts for craft or furniture projects, to trail or land clearing and beyond, we’ll be happy to speak with you about your specific needs.