Six Tree Removal is focused on bringing you the best value in a fully-insured tree removal operation. Because we choose to optimize our business around removals, we can lower our overhead costs and save you a significant sum on your removal project.



The basic cost for removal includes cutting down the tree, removing all trunk and branch wood, and cleaning up as much sawdust, etc. as is reasonably possible with a rake and blower. You can save varying amounts on the removal cost if you don’t need us to do all of this cleanup work: Some choose to keep the trunk wood as firewood, some choose to do the rake work themselves (or simply don’t need IMG_0015it done because they have major landscaping planned), and some even choose to do the entire “disposal”  themselves (they hire us just to safely get the tree on the ground). Cleanup and disposal is difficult and time IMG_0017consuming work and it should not be underestimated, but some of our customers find that it makes sense for them to trade sweat for savings.

It’s problematic to give an estimate on any tree without seeing it and the layout of the yard, and we almost always insist on visiting the site before giving a firm quote on the work. That’s why we generally don’t make “estimates”. After we visit your location to view the tree, we will give you a firm, written quote, and the price will not change if the work is scheduled within the quoted period. No surprises, and no hidden costs. The only time a quote for work from Six Tree Removal will increase is if you specifically request additional services, which we are happy to do for you.

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We are often asked: “How much does it cost to remove a tree?”

The short answer to that question is “It depends”, and that’s not very useful for most people who take the time to ask us. The long answer is here:

Tree Removal CalgaryRemoval costs vary greatly depending on the size and structure of the tree, location in the yard, difficulty of disposal, and specific hazards involved. As an example, let’s say the basic cost to completely remove a particular small evergreen tree above ground (if it can be cut down in one piece) is $200. Most trees in the city cannot be felled in one piece without damaging nearby property, so they must be climbed and cut down in pieces. In that case, the same evergreen might cost $300 to remove. Deciduous (leafy) trees tend to have more complicated branch structures, so a basic one-piece removal of a similar-sized deciduous tree might be $300, and if it needed to be climbed and cut down in pieces it might cost $450. Also, if the tree is particularly “branchy”, it costs more. If it is less “branchy”, it costs less. If the trunk of the tree is substantially rotten or composed of broken pieces, additional costs reflect the difficulty and risk inherent in that type of work. If we can get our truck and chipper right next to it, it’s less expensive, and if we have to move the cut pieces a longer distance before loading them, then it’s more costly. There are more factors that affect the costs of removal, but these serve to illustrate why we usually insist on visiting every site before giving a firm quote on any removal work.
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