Six Tree Removal is primarily a tree removal operation, but we are happy to offer select tree pruning, thinning, and trimming services to our customers. If your needs are highly technical we will direct you to one of the many excellent certified arborists operating in this area. We do, however, have many years of functional tree pruning and thinning experience, and feedback from our customers regarding our work in this area has been unanimously positive.

We do not offer tree “topping” as a service. It is generally regarded as an outdated practice that is no longer accepted by professionals in the industry. The reason is that it will cost you more in the long run, and it is potentially dangerous. The new growth that sprouts from “topped” trees is weakly attached to the trunk, and must be regularly trimmed for the rest of the life of the tree. If left unchecked, the new sprouts will grow into multiple weakly-attached stems just as large and heavy as a regular trunk but MUCH weaker. These are prone to breaking off under high wind and/or snow loads. Moreover, “topped” trees cost significantly more to ultimately remove, as they are more dangerous to work with. With VERY few exceptions, it is always better and more economical to remove the tree entirely, and plant a different species that will grow into the mature size that you want. We would be happy to consult with you regarding alternative options.

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