Six Tree Removal will happily help you with a problem stump, regardless of whether or not you have had us remove the tree that stood above it. Call, text, or email us directly for a quote on removal of your stump.


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When your tree is removed, we will cut the stump to any height that you like, but we cannot go lower than slightly above the grade of your yard without using a stump grinder. Dirt and even rocks can grow into the bark at this level, and chainsaws are not meant for this type of cutting.





Typically, if they are not having the stump ground completely, our customers ask for a “flush cut”, getting the stump as low as possible. Some like to leave the stump higher depending on their landscaping plans. Some have the stump cut at varying lengths for use as a side table, or planter, or birdhouse support, or even much higher for a chainsaw carving, for example.

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We use a variety of stump grinding machines, appropriate to the given job. From hydraulically-powered bruisers to hand-towed units (fitting through gates as small as 30″), we can solve your stump problem in short order.

Stump grinding can create a significant volume of high-quality mulch which is generally excellent material for gardening. Our basic service assumes that the mulch will be left onsite, filling and sometimes mounded on top of the hole where the stump was. Alternately, it can be removed for an additional fee.


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